My Whiny Ass Takeover of Puffy’s World

(Puffy just doesn't know what to do! Zir good friend, Sharyn, is in dire straits! She seems to be suffering from memory overload! Oh poor Sharyn!) There is a reason I cannot locate the pictures. They will make me cry or worse. The opening of the brick and mortar store of Sacred Mists Shoppe. Were … Continue reading My Whiny Ass Takeover of Puffy’s World


Hey there!

Hey there faithful followers! As you have noticed, Puffy has been silent. Ze have had nothing to report. 😦  Not even our friend, Sharyn's, "Fifth TN Experience Anniversary Extravaganza" (Sharyn has always liked adding Adventure, Experience, and/or Extravaganza to any event, even non ones)) However.... You all know how Puffy hates technology! Well, for sometime … Continue reading Hey there!