Oh, My Faithful Followers!!

Puffy is so glad to be with you again! It was horrible, the Puff became horribly detached! The blog was leading me to other blogs of old. I couldn't get to this one! But with the help of @Ajay, thank you dude. Let me tell you, it took a lot more than a small cat … Continue reading Oh, My Faithful Followers!!


Benches By Bill Contract

Pallet/Skid Furniture Contract I,-------------------------, have given William Joseph Bushey ½ total payment or $------------------- to build me a -----------------------------------------------(here after called “Project”). The Project will be completed on or before -------------------------. __/__ I understand that any sanding requested will be charged at $40 per hour. ALL painting/staining/varnishing will be done by the buyer, unless other … Continue reading Benches By Bill Contract