Benches By Bill Contract

Pallet/Skid Furniture Contract I,-------------------------, have given William Joseph Bushey ½ total payment or $------------------- to build me a -----------------------------------------------(here after called “Project”). The Project will be completed on or before -------------------------. __/__ I understand that any sanding requested will be charged at $40 per hour. ALL painting/staining/varnishing will be done by the buyer, unless other … Continue reading Benches By Bill Contract


Who is the cutest kitty on the social circuit? Why, it's Puff, of course! Puff is "owned" by no one. Puff is a pretty kitty with an independent spirit--and a titanium card. She is liable to pop up any place, and do anything! She's a Dine and Dash, Library Book Non-Returner, and general Shit Disturber … Continue reading Puff!