Benches By Bill Contract

Pallet/Skid Furniture Contract

I,————————-, have given William Joseph Bushey ½ total payment or $——————- to build me a ———————————————–(here after called “Project”). The Project will be completed on or before ————————-. __/__

I understand that any sanding requested will be charged at $40 per hour. ALL painting/staining/varnishing will be done by the buyer, unless other arrangements (drawn below with attached paint samples and buyer sign off) are made at cost of paint plus 25%. (ALL of the above, including any delivery/setup WILL be detailed below!) __/__

All deposits are NON refundable. Balance due upon receipt. Mileage/Delivery charged at $.50 (50 cents) a mile. __/__

Time is of the essence, as with any contract.

Although we do take post dated checks in some circumstances, NO payment to William J. Bushey is ever dependent on tax refunds, bonuses, or “that check you are due to get in the mail, any day now”. The money is due at the above stated times, period. We DO take some personal checks but prefer cash (we provide receipts). However, if you do not complete payment, for any reason, we reserve the right to repossess the Project. __/__

Est. Hours Sanding

Any modifications to this contract MUST be in writing, signed by all parties and attached here.


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