By Appointment Only

Puff is taking until Labor Day Weekend to get this up and running. At this moment, Puff is too big and Bill’s Benches is too little. Minor, compared to the fact that after Puff bought the domain from; s/he found out they no longer supplied Insta-Pages for free! And since s/he used to be a web designer, s/he didn’t want to pay $14.95 a month for them to do it. So s/he created this great link transfer back to WordPress. Because s/he is no ordinary kitty!

After Labor Day, you need to contact Bill directly. And there is a contract/receipt procedure that MUST be followed! It covers prices for delivery and sanding (and other particulars) and as USUAL practice in business; a deposit of ONE HALF is expected before any work takes place!

We have had a lot of interest but no actual money. Bill was busting his butt for these folk and we never heard a word from them again!


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