Puffy want you! (For the Rock N Soldier Program)

Puffy needs 30+ soldiers/sailors who want to receive a goody box. These are great boxes filled with snacks (no chocolate, unfortunately, the desert climate melts them!), magazines, socks, and misc other things to make their deployment a bit better. You know, it's a way to show we care and appreciate them. (I think I may … Continue reading Puffy want you! (For the Rock N Soldier Program)


Benches By Bill Contract

Pallet/Skid Furniture Contract I,-------------------------, have given William Joseph Bushey ½ total payment or $------------------- to build me a -----------------------------------------------(here after called “Project”). The Project will be completed on or before -------------------------. __/__ I understand that any sanding requested will be charged at $40 per hour. ALL painting/staining/varnishing will be done by the buyer, unless other … Continue reading Benches By Bill Contract